Sunny Side features a variety of smoking accessories and products ranging from basic economic options for beginner or less frequent smokers, all the way to the latest and greatest products available on the market to fit the needs of any level of consumer.

We carry products from local businesses in addition to sourcing companies from around the world to ensure only the best quality and priced products are on our shelves.

Our staff prides themselves on offering quality recommendations and advice that best serves our customers’ needs above all else.  Patrons of our stores come with questions seeking help at all levels of accessory needs such as:


* Storz & Bickel Volcano, PAX, and Davinci Dry Herb approved retailers

Ooze, Yocan, and STR8 Brand retailers for batteries for Platinum and Brass Knuckle style cartridges

Puffco Peak, Huni Badger, and Lookah Seahorse options for concentrate vaporizers


Our stores feature wide options on E-Cigarette devices and E-Juice from the most popular and best brands including: * 


NAKED 100 * Cali burn


In addition to more modern Smokeless Vape options, each of our stores caters to traditional smoking needs by providing: * 
Full Hookah Bar to make Shisha Mixes and Fruit Heads To-Go

Classic smoking methods such as Cigarettes and Cigars

Herbal smoking accessories like Hand Pipes, Bubblers, and Bongs * Roll your own tobacco


Glass pipes and accessories are the main focus in our stores.  A large section of our locations is devoted to a diverse selection of products consisting of:

American made and Imported glass from around the world carefully sourced to our strict quality standards

Questions on how to most efficiently or enjoyably consume their Nicotine or Herbal recreational needs 

Up to date information on reviews and industry trends on latest and greatest products such as Toro Terp Slurpers, Terp Pearls, and Disposable Vaporizers like Breeze and Mr. Vapor